A quick update on my last 30 days trading (in-play trading)

In-play trading on the horses

Well it’s been about a month now that I started using a new method for in-play trading on the horses. So I wanted to give you a brief update on my last 30 days progress.

I’ll just start by showing you my last 30 day P & L on betfair. Now I know these can be doctored but I’m not trying to kid anyone and I’m not trying to sell anything so these are 100% real. I would only be kidding myself if I altered them to look great. It would also look alot more impressive if I added a few zero’s to the end as well 🙂

These are more for my benefit so I can keep track of where I’m at and when. Hopefully other people will find them useful as well.

in play trading on the horses

The football bets are just something I copied from someone in Steve Howe’s skype group it’s not normally something I would touch. I’m not into football and know nothing about it really. So I just got lucky here and that’s the end of my football trading career ha ha.


A breakdown

I am quite pleased with my 30 day results here. There was a few days where I didn’t trade so it’s probably about 26 days results there.

I never had a day where I finished in the red. I had some reds, one was bigger than it should of been but it’s all a learning curve. The worst day I had is where I finished in the green by 36p that was after taking a £32 loss in one race. At the time it felt like a waste of a day trading but then when I realise I have had a day at the screens and learnt some lessons. So it wasn’t a complete washout.

in play trading loss

As you can see the loss is way too big in comparison with my wins, I let the trade run when it was going against me…..a big no no. I did take a loss in the end which I will pat myself on the back for as it would of been £60 odd loss.

What’s new?

So I have dumped The Geeks Toy software and changed to Bet Angel, well I’m in the process of changing at the moment.

I have servants set up to trade out once I place my initial lay bet. It will take some getting used to as I have used Geeks Toy from Day 1. What I am doing at the moment is using Bet Angel in practise mode while I get used to all the bells and whistles on the software.

That’s about it really, nothing else to report. I think I have now found the in-play trading on horses that best suits me. In fact I actually feel really good about my trading now. Although it’s still early days.

I just think everything I have learnt on my trading journey is all fitting together nicely now. My discipline is sorted out (I hope) and that was my biggest downfall.

I still do a little pre-race trading with Steve Howe, the obvious ones and the rest is in-play. 

Hopefully I can carry on with these positive results.


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In-play trading on the horses

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    1. Hi Tony, firstly I joined Hunting For Profit and tried for a year with no success so I left and joined Back For Profit and this is where I will be staying. I just feel this type of in-running is what suits me best.

      Good Luck

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