Here is my story and the reason why I created GreenFilly.com.

From since I can remember I have always been an animal lover. I worked at a dog rescue when I was still at school then went on to complete my YTS (Youth Training Scheme) at an Arabian Stud Farm near Stratford-upon-Avon. It was there I caught the horse racing bug.

They had a couple of Arabian racehorses, and the first time I sat on one and pulled my stirrups up short, bum out the saddle I knew this is what I wanted to do……work with racehorses.

Fast forward a year or so…..

Roughly 1989-1990 I moved to Ireland, Co.Meath to be exact. I drove myself in my Ford Escort Mk2, caught the ferry and ended up near Fairyhouse. I got myself some accommodation above a pub in Ratoath and started searching for a job. 

The first job I applied for was at Frank Dunne’s racing stables and stud in Dunboyne, I had a riding test and they offered me the job.

Life was great, I met some really nice people, loved Ireland and more importantly loved my job.

I was riding work with Johnny Murtagh, he was the stable jockey at the time, long before he went to Coolmore. Then Frank Dunne offered me a ride in a ladies race at Fairyhouse……………

The horse was a four-year-old filly called FINE PRINT.

We managed a third place and she gave me a great spin for my first ever ride in public.

After two years roughly in Ireland, I then moved to Switzerland working with racehorses for another couple of years, then I moved onto Budapest in Hungary.

Best years of my life…..

I spent ten years in Hungary, also, spending a little time in Vienna which is just over the Hungarian border.

I took out my apprentice license and in 1997 was the first female Champion apprentice Hungary had ever had. Riding 66 winners all together in my career. Racing in Hungary is not like in the U.K. Back then there were two race meetings a week, Sunday afternoon and a Thursday evening through the summer.

Below are a couple of pictures from the annual racing book in 1997……….

The middle picture is when I won my first Group 2 race and next to it is the champion table. If you are Hungarian then you will understand………if not I am the Utanpotlas: which translates to Apprentice jockey.

Back in the U.K…..

In 2004 I moved back to the U.K and it wasn’t until 2006 that I discovered Betfair.

I opened an account not having a clue what laying was. Anyway, I got together with a mate who liked to have a punt on the greyhounds and he showed me how Betfair worked.

I dabbled in betting systems, always looking for the Golden Egg, I ended up losing time after time.

It wasn’t until last year, January 2018 that I went on my first trading course and since then I haven’t looked back.

I’m still along way from being successful but, when I look back on the year I can see the progress I have made.

Why I created Green Filly…..

This site is my own trading journal, somewhere I can keep records and maybe help people along the way, also, talk about my passion….horse racing.

Since I started my trading journey I have realised the mindset is a massive part of being successful. So I have spent some time learning about the psychology part of it all.

It fascinates me, so I have enrolled in a mindset workshop in Edinburgh in March with Dr Joe Dispenza.

I will do a blog post on the workshop when I get back. (Update: Click here to read my blog post on the workshop)

Anyway, I think I have waffled on long enough now, if you have got this far thank you for reading my story.

I will leave you with a few photo’s of my winners….. (Click on each photo to enlarge)

To see more photo’s you can go to my gallery here

I hope you will join me on my trading journey.

Stay Green!! ?

Site Launched
Jan 2019 26th

"Knowing is not enough, WE MUST APPLY. Willing is not enough, WE MUST DO."

                                  -Bruce Lee

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  1. Very knowledgable lady, following her as I am on the same journey and need as much help as I can get. Great website Paula and some very good content for those learning a new trade.

  2. One of the best and honest blog i have ever encountered regarding trading mindset and challenges one faces. Every trader can one ion other way symbolizes with it.
    Awesome. Hope this blog goes on and on

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