An update on my trading journey on betfair (positive at last)

Trading journey on betfair

So, this will sound strange especially after I have recently attended Hunting For Profit’s course but I made the decision to try something new for in-running as I just couldn’t turn a profit using Matt’s method. And don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Matt’s method doesn’t work, it 100% does as people in his group are trading in-running full-time from his method. It just wasn’t for me.

I happened to get a message on Skype from someone who I knew from one of the other groups and he said to me I should try this out. He is a successful in-play trader on the horses and he has been watching horse racing since the 80’s so he can also read races well. Which is a big advantage.

We are all different people and different things suit different people. Having tried this new method now for just over a week, it just seems and feels right for me. I find it much easier, I’m actually making a small profit. I know it’s early days but it looks promising and I feel good about my trading at last.

Having good race reading skills come in handy with this method. So it’s suited down to the ground for me. I won’t mention yet what method it is as the person doesn’t want promoting. But, I will say it’s the polar opposite of what Matt teaches.

I learnt a lot from Matts way and don’t regret one bit joining. Also, I have been a member for over a year now and learnt heaps about the markets which I will carry forward with me on my trading journey. But it’s time to move on as I couldn’t make it work. I still recommend Hunting For Profit though.

My last update

My last post on my trading journey on betfair was about my struggles with emotional attachment.

I explained how I keep swapping from method to method. Well I think I have found the one that suits me best now. Not one size fits all, it comes down to personnel preference at the end of the day. I will be sticking with this one as I feel it’s best suited to me. 

My trading journey on betfair

So, I havn’t got anything else to report on the trading front. I will definitely keep you informed how I am getting on. Like I say it’s very early days with this new method but I am feeling good about it.

I would just like to say – there are many different trading courses and groups and each one has their own followers, sometimes it feels like a cult reading things on social media. I’m not here to piss anyone off also, I don’t care if I don’t make friends. I have one goal and that is to become a successful trader. And I will do and go where I feel is best suited to me. I am grateful for the people I have got know through my trading journey and will be forever grateful to all the lessons I have learnt on the way.

We will see in a weeks time how I am getting on.

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Trading journey on betfair

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