Back For Profit Review – Andrew Banthorpe

Back For Profit Review

I only found out about Back For Profit because of an old member of Hunting For Profit.

I used to chat with a guy called Steve who is very knowledgeable about flat racing, then he left Hunting For Profit and I hadn’t spoke to him for a while.

Then out the blue I had a private message from him telling me about a new course he had joined called Back For Profit.

He knew I wasn’t enjoying my time at HFP anymore and said this would be right down my alley as I have good race reading skills. He put me in contact with Andrew and we spoke for ages on the phone.

Andrew used to be a jumps jockey and he is a very knowledgeable guy on anything racing related. I think our first phone call lasted about 2 hours ? mostly talking about racing.

A really genuine guy who couldn’t of been more helpful. You can read his story here – Back For Profit Review Andrew Banthorpe

So to cut a long story short I bit the bullet and joined up the beginning of November. As I said in my earlier posts, the only thing I regret is not joining sooner.

What is Back For Profit?

It’s mainly a Lay to Back service but it also does Back to Lays when the opportunity arises. Predominantly it’s L2B’s though.

This is not like any other service out there that do L2B’s though, so don’t think if you have been a member of another L2B service and it wasn’t for you that this won’t be.

It’s completely different, that’s what I like about this method. It is so simple but affective.

As I said before it’s perfect for me with my race reading skills being an ex-jockey but you don’t have to have them skills. Andrew will help you every step of the way.

He has numerous amounts of video’s in his training academy showing you and explaining what to do, both with L2B and B2L.

Here is an example of one of the video’s I put on YouTube: This is a trade I did with small stakes. I sent it to Andrew and he critiqued it for me.

As you can see in the video, I use the servants on Bet Angel. Andrew has all the files to get you started.

When I first joined I was using The Geeks Toy  I used that for about a month but it makes life harder as you miss entry points. Now I have Bet Angel it just makes trading easier. Once you click the Lay or Back button your opposing bets are fired in automatically.

I know Andrew has sorted out with Peter Webb a discount code for anyone using Back For Profit.

Daily List

Everyday he sends out a list of the races he thinks are going to be the best to trade that day. We do get ones off the list as well, it’s just a guide for the newer members really.

Here is an example of his daily list ?

When you first start out and your struggling with any aspect of trading you can book a call with Andrew. He will even phone you during racing and guide you through a race. This is one of the benefits of being a member.

It’s all done through his website.

Back For Profit Review

Telegram Rooms

Another benefit of being a member is you get access to his two telegram rooms. One is solely for trading chat during racing hours and the other is for more general chit chat and any questions about racing and trading.

There is 80+ members in the rooms now and it’s a lovely place with some very knowledgeable guys and gals in there.

A few have been with Andrew from the start and are now doing this full-time.

Another member started with £15 three months ago and has now broke the £300 barrier just by being disciplined and sticking to Back For Profit’s method. Stories like this proves it can be done.

Another thing I like about the rooms is Andrew forbids anyone slagging off or even talking about other traders in a bad way. We all know what the trading world can be like. Troll heaven on twitter. I know Andrew has had his fair share.

Obviously a lot of the members have joined here from other trading groups, so it’s nice to be in a place where no one has a bad word to say.

Joining BFP (Back For Profit)

The joining process is easy. Firstly, to make sure this is for you or not I would contact Andrew through his website or you can email him and he said he is happy to arrange a call with you so you can have a chat with him.

Cost of BFP

To join the academy is a one off payment of £249.99.

This is what you get for your money:

  • Access to all his trading video’s
  • One to one with Andrew if needed
  • Phone calls to talk through trades if needed
  • 3 months access to telegram rooms, £24.99 a month thereafter

Due to a high level of interest Andrew has capped the joining of BFP now to 5 new members a month. So you might have to go on a waiting list. February is now closed and it will open again on the 1st March. 

Contact Andrew and he will place you on a waiting list.

Andrew wants all his members to benefit from this and having too many join at once doesn’t give him chance to dedicate enough time to the newer members.

Discount Code

I have secured a discount code with Andrew, so if you join with this code you will get 10% off the original price. 

Click the link below which will take you to the joining page. 

To receive the 10% discount, once you have paid through Paypal just contact Andrew and give him this code and he will refund you 10%. 

discount back for profit

Just so you know I am NOT affiliated to BFP in anyway. This Back For Profit Review is entirely my own views. 

I use BFP everyday and love it and you will also find me in the Telegram Room daily. 

I have been a member now for 4 months, and although I have been trading for over two years I find that Andrew’s method is by far the best suited to me for in-play. 

What I have learnt is we are all different and different things suit different people. This might not be for everyone. I have tried different groups and they weren’t for me. Try and find what suits you best.

I like to trade what I see and not follow the money. It works for me. 

One thing I wouldn’t do is go on twitter and slag off other trading groups. Just because they didn’t work for me doesn’t mean other people won’t find them useful. Unfortunately there are people on social media who would love to see you fail. I see it as a reflection of themselves. Background noise.

Anyway, I am still an active member of It’s a mugs game and this ties in well with BFP. I still do Morning Racing, although this month February has been dire for racing.

It’s the calm before the storm. Cheltenham, Aintree and the start of the flat season.

If you have any questions about my Back For Profit Review or would like to know more, please feel free to leave a comment below or you can contact Andrew through his website

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Back For Profit Review

13 Replies to “Back For Profit Review – Andrew Banthorpe”

  1. Very thorough review Paula. I’ve not tried Back for Profit, (About the only one I haven’t) but it sounds good.

    It’s nice to see you’ve found a method and group of people to work with that suits you.

    Good luck, stay keen and green!

    1. Great review GF, the best thing I have done to put my trading in a positive direction. Albeit I started this journey with a micro bank of £15 with the mindset that no damage done if I fail. Nearly 4 months on and it’s 23 x folded since, sitting just shy of £350 now. Andrew and the BFP academy tuition gave me the guidance with race reading and taught me concentration, patience & discipline to be a successful trader.
      With focus, patience & discipline BFP gives you simple trading, simplicity at its best.

      All the green, Si

      1. Thanks for the feedback Si, It’s unbelievable what you have achieved from just £15. Keep up the good work.

        All the best GF

  2. Hi

    Does the Back For profits course in any way touch upon the the time delay factor.I mean when you watch live pictures from either Betfair or Racing UK you are at least a couple of seconds behind the live action -Surely this must be a disadvantage to an in running trader.



    1. Hi Claus, every trader is in the same boat unless you are at the racecourse, which at the moment isn’t possible anyway. The majority of traders are watching either betfair or Racing UK.

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