An update on my trading journey on betfair (positive at last)

Trading journey on betfair So, this will sound strange especially after I have recently attended Hunting For Profit’s course but I made the decision to try something new for in-running as I just couldn’t turn a profit using Matt’s method. And don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Matt’s method doesn’t work, it 100% does […]

Hunting For Profit Course Review – Matt Gibson

MATT GIBSON Hunting for profit review I came across Matt Gibson when I joined Steve Howe’s pre-race trading group. He used to post daily in the skype rooms. He had already set up Hunting For Profit in July 2017 but continued posting in Steve’s group for another year before finally leaving to concentrate on his […]

You Are The Placebo – Dr Joe Dispenza

Making Your Mind Matter
You are the placebo book review You are the placebo is the instruction manual for how to produce miracles in your body, with your health and in your life. Overview Author: Dr Joe Dispenza Published: 2014 Pages: 347 Subject: Psychology and self-help You are the placebo: Making your mind matter You have no doubt heard stories of people […]