Total Lack of discipline!

What a plonker!!! I am so mad with myself right now, in fact I am writing this the next day after my stupidity and lack of discipline. I was not in the right frame of mind last night, I have calmed down a little now. What happened? I blew my bank that’s what happened. Total […]

Relaxing Sunday afternoon

So I started my day off by having a lie in, that was a bad idea. After having a lazy morning I just felt lethargic all day. I finally turned on the computer just before midday and had a look through the race cards. Nothing too exciting today, which is usually the case for a […]

The start of my trading journey begins today!

Well, after some thought I have decided to create this website and start my trading journey with you all……hopefully I will get some readers ha ha   Why today? I have chosen today to start as it’s the one year anniversary of my trading course I attended also, today is my names day in Hungary. […]