Q & A with a full-time sports trader

Q & A With a Full time sports trader I’m doing something different on here today. Something that might help traders starting out on their trading journey. We have a Q & A with Steve Williamson. A full-time sports trader. I met Steve through Twitter. These are the good things about social media, you meet […]

Distractions while trading: Things you should know

Betfair Trading
Distractions while trading The reason I came up with this post today was because of someone in Steve Howe’s skype room. I have his permission and have copied and pasted some of his message so you get the idea: “Been doing ok since Steve’s course, trading with a £500 bank. Seeing things a lot clearer […]

STEVE HOWE – It’s a mugs game workshop review

Betfair Trading
STEVE HOWE It’s a mugs game I was actually one of the few people who discovered sports trading by not going down the path of matched betting. I discovered trading when I was writing for a betting review site and I was asked to trial at trading system. Once I had looked into it this […]