Have I lost my mojo??? Or is it just lack of trading?

Hi everyone and I’m really sorry about the lack of updates. To be honest, I’ve had nothing to add about trading recently. My back is getting better, thank goodness but I still can’t sit for long periods of time, which is making trading difficult. I am wondering though if I have lost my mojo?

My afternoons have been spent lying on the sofa with my laptop on a table next to me watching the ladders on Geeks Toy. I have been doing a little bit of trading but with very small stakes as I’m used to having two monitors, so not everything fits onto my laptop screen and it’s a pain shuffling things around. Also, lying down is not something I would recommend when trading.

It’s been a month now since my back went and I’m getting fed up, I seem to have lost my mojo. I don’t have the enthusiasm for this blog as I did when I first started. Maybe it’s because I havn’t had much to write about recently or I just can’t be bothered, I don’t know.

My site is starting to gain traction now as well, I’m getting more visitors. so now is the time for me to be putting more time and effort into this instead of procrastinating. So I need to find my mojo again from somewhere.

When I started this blog

I was full of energy and I had an unlimited supply of motivation. I was excited to get this blog up and running. The dreams I had that this would be the place to go for newbie traders in the distant future. So they could see all my mistakes and how I learnt from them. That was in January this year. Only 6 months ago.

The reality is now, I’m not motivated anymore. My spark has gone. I have lost my mojo, and I need to find it again. I still have dreams but without motivation and effort they won’t come true.

My record of giving up when things get tough, is not great. The amount of times I have had bright ideas, followed them through only to give up down the line. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Trading is something different though. The amount of times I have failed at trading……well I have lost count. But, I am still here and willing and eager to learn. Even with trading though my motivation is not what is was.

I have had a tough year so far so I’m not going to beat myself up. But, I do want to be more active with this blog and in other areas of my life.

By nature I am an active person. Being a jockey, working outdoors all my life in a physical job. Although I don’t work with horses anymore I am still active. Well I was until my slipped disk. So I’m finding it hard not doing anything and just lounging around.

This is when I feel my best when I’m around racehorses! This was taken last year at Harry Dunlop’s stable. Miss Gargar a two-year-old filly. I was part of the racing syndicate that owned her.

harry dunlops stable


All this time I have been laid up resting my body I could of been spending it writing posts on here. Growing this place to what I saw in my dreams. At least my mind would of been busy. But, they are linked. Mind and body. My mind is struggling with my body being inactive.

I have been meditating, not every day because even that was becoming a chore. So the reason I’m writing this post today is to see if I can get some motivation back.

Getting my mojo back

I did a little reading up on why people lose their mojo and how do they get it back.

Some people say it could be depression. No I don’t have depression, I never have but, is it linked to mental health?

I took this from Lifehack website:

“When you have your mojo, your view of  the world is positive, optimistic and hopeful. You are full of energy and have an endless supply of motivation. You have your spark in life and people feel it and are attracted to you”.

This was me when I started on my trading journey and when I started Green Filly. But, I’m sure a lot of people are like this when they start new things that excites them and it nearly always wears off after a while. So I need to get back what excites me.

I suppose it’s like being in a new relationship, the honeymoon period and that always wears off eventually. It’s about keeping that spark and excitement so you don’t get bored.

I need to figure out how to get it back!

gym time!
Gym with the girls!

For me going to the gym was a place I enjoyed. I enjoy exercising. Not only is it good for your body as it creates energy but also it’s good for the mind. For the foreseeable future though I won’t be going back to the gym so I have to accept that.

I am walking now for about 45 minutes in the morning. I’m still in some discomfort but it is getting easier.

I need to connect with people who have their mojo. People who enjoy life. I’m lucky that I have a nice circle of friends, and also the Skype trading group I am in. These people are all there for the same reason. To learn to trade.

These are people who get excited about their trading journey and share it in the skype rooms. The good, bad and the ugly. Now and then people drop off the radar and you don’t hear from them again. Did they lose their mojo?

Trading is a tough game, it not only messes with you head but also with your bank balance if not careful.

Even though these trading buddies are only virtual friends, (I have actually met a few of them), I still connect with them as our goals are the same. And at the end of the day we help each other out. My next blog post will be about this once I have permission off the owner.

Anyway, thank you for reading and any comments on this would be greatly appreciated.

I’m off to find my mojo and will be back soon. ☺️

8 Replies to “Have I lost my mojo??? Or is it just lack of trading?”

  1. Hi Paula,

    Very honest blog ……

    You have had a hard year with everything and if you are not feeling 100% it makes it hard to build something new …….

    Will wait to hear that things are moving in the right direction with your slipped disk and you mojo πŸ™‚

  2. Evening Ms Green, I can relate , I can only write about my loss of mojo. I’d hit rock bottom, everything that could kick me in the genitals did and I admit it was pretty crap for a while but I just became grateful – I didn’t feel like it at first but once I focused on the positive , all of the good things In my life (and didn’t stop focusing on this) the grey went and colour was restored. The secret for me was to keep going even when that voice tries to tell you its all bulls**t , because gratitude for me flipped things around.

    I still practice it today 8 years later , for me it works.

    be strong and find some gratitude , by the look of the blog you’ve got a few things to be grateful for.

    note to self – im adding the invention of yoga pants to my gratitude list

    1. Ian thank you for your comment. Yes being grateful is such a powerful tool. I sometimes forget to be grateful for the wonderful things I do have in my life and focus on the things I don’t have. All the best on your journey.
      Ms Green ?

  3. A bad back can get you down… Had to take my first day off work in 17 years recently because of a false step while walking the dog. Went back to work the next day… Agony…couldn’t bend… Putting socks on was laughable. Still have an ache in my right hip over a month later. It puts your life in perspective… Being vulnerable in a (largely) uncaring world. I found it a positive experience that has made me more cautious generally. I aim to avoid any more false steps.
    I have only recently started enjoying trading: before it was just more work and I tended to put it off…for days and sometimes weeks at a time. Maybe there is some good to come out of a bad back. I hope you find your mojo (can’t help thinking of Austin Powers…).

    1. Thank you for your message Tim. I can relate with the socks and shoes πŸ™‚ Luckily with it being hot I just slip on flip flops ha. Until you have a bad back you don’t realise how much we rely on it. My life basically came to a stand still.
      Good luck with your trading journey, I hope you can make it work.

      Regards Paula

    1. Hi,
      You have to do the trading course before then you get access to the skype group. Its a mugs game, Steve Howe runs the course. I will be doing a review on my experience at the course in the next few days, so check back if your interested.


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