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MATT GIBSON Hunting for profit review

I came across Matt Gibson when I joined Steve Howe’s pre-race trading group. He used to post daily in the skype rooms. He had already set up Hunting For Profit in July 2017 but continued posting in Steve’s group for another year before finally leaving to concentrate on his own method, which is in-running trading.

I joined Matt’s skype group in the summer of 2018, and I thought being an ex-jockey it would give me a big advantage of race reading, and it certainly does help but is not a necessity. As Matt will teach in the course.

Booking the course

To book yourself on the course you just need to go to Matts website and click on trading courses. There he has a detailed video of what is involved. It’s definitely worth watching before you book yourself on the course.

Near the bottom of the page there is a box which has the next available course and how many places are left and the cost.

If you want to go on the course then he has an email box right at the bottom, so just fill out your name and email address and he will get back to you. A £50 deposit is required to secure your place then you can pay the rest later on.

Here is a link to the trading course page

Once you have secured your place, about a month before the course date Matt sends out an email to everyone who is attending. 

It’s just the final bit of information about where the course is, how to get there if you are travelling by car, train or plane etc.

What happens on the night before if you stay the night in the hotel. What time the course runs from and just general info about the day really.

Also, in the email is a e-sign. It’s a document he gets everybody to sign beforehand to protect his work from copywriting.

Course Location

Doncaster Holiday Inn A1

Hunting for profit review

Be careful when booking your hotel room to make sure you get the right Holiday Inn as there are two in Doncaster. The one you want is the Holiday Inn A1. It’s near Junction 36. It does say Holiday Inn A1 on google.

Matt sent me a link to the hotel by email because sometimes he can get it a little bit cheaper. I booked in September and I paid £60 for the night but some others there who had booked well in advance got it for £40 with breakfast. So my advice would be as soon as you know you are going then book up.

The night before

If you can, then book a hotel room for the night and travel up on the Sunday afternoon or evening. I arrived at the hotel about 2:30pm and just chilled out for a few hours before meeting up with the others. Matt arrives about 4pm to set the room up.

The advantages of getting there the night before are you get to meet everyone who will be on the course the next day. We are all there for the same reason “to learn to trade”  so having a room full of like minded people was great. We had great fun, although I would say don’t stay up as late as we did ? 

Going the night before is all part of the course really because you get a little bit of information from everyone. Most of the people I talked to had already done some type of trading course in the past with various people.

The morning of the course

The course starts at 9:30am but a few of us met up for breakfast about 8am then just went to the room together about 9:20am and we were pretty much the last ones in there.

Hunting for profit review


So this is the set up of the room. It’s not that big but does the job. I think there was 21 people here but Matt did say the night before he was thinking about reducing the numbers. 

There was three people to one screen but I do think two people to one screen would of been better as I was sat at an angle. So when Matt mentioned horses names on the ladders it was a struggle for me to see which horse he was on about.

My eyesight is not great either so that wouldn’t of helped. For the people sitting directly in front of the screen this wouldn’t of been a problem.


Matt started off by telling us all abit about himself then we went round the room one by one doing the same. 

The first part of the course is about learning the key elements to trading. What type of races, running styles of horses, how to execute trades and money management etc. There is alot more to it but I have to be careful how much info I put on here without getting told off by Matt for copywriting. ?

We had a coffee break about 11am. It was good to get up and stretch our legs for 15 mins.

Then it was pretty much the same after the break. It’s all relevant info to becoming a successful trader and although it’s alot to take in on the day (especially if you have had a late night) Matt sends all this to you by email after the course. So don’t worry about missing bits of information on the day.

Lunch Break

We had lunch about 1pm which is part of the course so no need to pay extra for it. I must say they did put on a good spread. We had wraps, hot food, a vegetarian option and lots of cake and fruit for dessert, and as much tea and coffee as you wish. 

The afternoon Session

Matt doesn’t trade live at his courses, he shows us recorded trades of all different race scenario’s. You couldn’t do this live as the chance of all these different scenario’s happening on a bleak Monday afternoon racing is next to none.

So the whole afternoon was watching Matt’s recorded video’s of trades he had done. He also showed ones where he had to get out for a loss which I found welcoming as we are more likely to experience this as newbie in-play traders. 


He talked us through the trades, telling us why he got in or why he got out when he did ect. It is very fast paced and like I said it’s a lot to take in especially if you have no knowledge of in-play.

I have been in his skype group now for over a year so I had a head start really to others. 

We had another coffee break in the afternoon for 15 mins.

The course finished at 5pm and any questions was welcomed at the end.

After the course

Matt stayed around to chat and answer any questions after, I didn’t stay as I was getting a lift to the train station (Thanks Mick M)

When you leave The Holiday Inn you will be wiser to in-running trading on the horses but your journey doesn’t end there. This will take alot more work to master. Matt sets the foundations with this course so you can go away and have some knowledge of in-play.

You get one month FREE access to his skype rooms which I have been in now for a while. Currently he has about 120 members in them.

He puts up daily notes every morning for the days racing and they are a great help. As he said in his course, weight and ratings play a big part to how the ladders react. So he gives us all the info for the days racing without you having to do the hard work.

There are some success stories in the rooms as well. I know of a couple of people who now do this full-time with Matt’s method of teaching which gives me hope that one day I can to.

Matt is in Skype everyday along with other members. There is plenty of help around if you need it. You just have to ask. 


My Final Thoughts On Hunting For Profit Review

Matt is 100% dedicated to Hunting For Profit. He seriously puts in the hours to make this the best he can. 

This course is just the starting point if you want to learn in-running. You also have to put in the hours and screen time if you want to make it work afterwards. The help is there for you though. 

Matt has 100’s hours of video material to watch, he updates the academy regularly with new material so you are never short of races to watch and learn.

You can contact him anytime for advice and even record your own trades and send to Matt and he will critique them for you. 

You won’t find many people more hard working than Matt is that’s for sure.

If you are thinking about going on his course then my advice would be: definitely go the night before and get to meet Matt and the others, it’s a cracking night. Don’t get hammered and have a hangover the next day though as it’s a long day and you have lots of information to absorb. 

You will receive everything by email the next day that was on the course, so don’t worry too much about missing anything.

I hope this review helps anybody who is thinking about attending.

I’m not affiliated with Hunting for profit and this review is purely my own experience.

You can watch my review here on YouTube

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10 Replies to “Hunting For Profit Course Review – Matt Gibson”

  1. A great review Paula. I went on it a year ago and have never looked back. Matt continuely is improving his service. His dedication to help you succeed is his number 1 priority, not about getting bums on seats. For IR education, the others don’t compare or even come close. Like you said in your review he doesn’t trade live. That is wreckless especially as it teaches you nothing. You need 100per cent focus whilst trading! You can’t be talking, teaching and trading at the same time that wi a recipe for disaster in my opinion. And like you said in your review, you have all those different variances. Much better to demonstrate with examples and especially showing reds too. Great review! Thanks!

  2. I can certainly confirm every single word in this excellently written review. The course was superb and the examples shown can only make me a better trader, questions were asked during the video examples and the explanation was spot on. Now the hard work commences. Stay green! ?

    1. Cheers Tony for your comment. Totally agree with what you say. Now Matt has laid the foundations it’s up to us to put in the hard graft.

  3. Yes superb review Paula,i went on the first course a year ago and my trading has progressed ever since.Then it’s all about getting the hours in on the ladders,even though i work five twelve hour shifts i really look forward to watching the videos and putting it all into practice.After trying other methods for in-running this is by far the best and safest,also the community that he has developed inHFP is fantastic and there is a few people who can help you in the skype rooms as well,would definitely recommend.

    1. That’s great to hear Greg. Thank you for your comment. I agree this course sets the foundations but you have to put in the screen time to make it work.

      All the best

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