Lay Guru SCAM Alert – Martin Daniels

Lay Guru Scam

*UPDATE at the bottom of page after posting on twitter* 

Someone contacted me through this website and told me about how they were scammed out of a lot of money and asked if I would tell their story.

I wasn’t going to do it but as I spoke more to this person and got to know them a little more and seen what it had done to them I realised that even if one person read this and it stopped them getting scammed then it will be worth it. So here you go.

For the purpose of this review I will call the person Joe.

Lay Guru Scam

Joe found Lay Guru on twitter. I have searched him and all I found was a locked account with protected tweets which isn’t a surprise really.

Lay Guru Twitter

They had a few private messages back and forth and Joe decided to invest £1k with Lay Guru. He promised in return monthly profits from his trading and Joe would receive 70% of the profits and Lay Guru would get 30%.

Everything sounded legit to Joe, he even had a digital contract on his website he sent for him to sign.

His website is but you can guess. When I searched for it all I found was this ?

Lay Guru Scam

Every day Lay Guru sent Joe a spreadsheet with profits from the previous day and the selections he had for that day. Ones he had marked out as potential trades.

On the profit sheet was a list of other clients who had invested. Joe sent me the spreadsheet but I won’t put it up because I would have to blur out everyone’s name. In total Lay Guru had £68k of people’s money.

Now, this might not be true, he might of made the other people up, I don’t know and there is no way of finding out. I’m not a detective ?

One month in

After one month, true to Lay Guru’s word he sent £200 profit from the previous month, 70% of the profits. Then Lay Guru asked Joe to invest more money. He said ideally the minimum he would like is £3k as a starter and as more people joined and the money increased then the minimum investment would also increase.

Joe forwarded some of the emails onto me so here is a screenshot of the first email he sent after Joe had invested £1k.

email from Lay Guru

So, after some thought and because Joe received his first payment and some sweet talking from Martin Daniels aka Lay Guru, Joe decided to invest some more. Altogether he had invested £12k.

I know people reading this will judge Joe and say how mad he was trusting someone from Twitter. I was thinking exactly the same thing at first, but after talking to Joe I understand he was manipulated by Martin Daniels. These scammers have a way.

Not so long ago I wrote a post about scammers on twitter. You can read it here. Fake it till you make it

Anyway, time came for the second payment but it never arrived. Joe contacted Martin to ask where his payment was and he responded that he had some issues with the bank and payment will be a little late.

Joe still had no reason to believe he wouldn’t get paid. The spreadsheet got sent every morning with the days selections on as normal.

After a week of waiting Joe contacted him again, and Martin responded that he still had problems with the bank and payments will be with him shortly.

To cut a long story short this went on for about a month, then the lie changed from bank problems to admin problems.


After two months of no payment and just excuses, Martin changed his story and said he had lost most of the money but Joe would still get his money back.

Lay Guru said he was meeting with a friend to sort his mess out and this friend was investing 20k into him to recoup his losses.

It’s been 3 months now and just the other day Joe received a email from Martin saying he was suicidal and that his kids would have to go without for xmas because of his mistakes.

The fact that Lay Guru had blown 12k of Joes money and possibly others that were on the list wasn’t even mentioned, no apologies nothing. Just an email about how shit his life was.

Will Joe get his money back?

Reading all the messages he has sent it is highly unlikely. Martin must of sent about 20 emails and everything in it was lies. Always saying payments will arrive soon. I really feel for Joe, and although he was naive it happens all the time. Twitter should ban people like this. 

Martin still states that he will repay Joe but I’m sure that’s just more lies to cover himself. 

Joe has got help and has taken it up with the authorities as he had a signed contract. Not sure how it will pan out for him but I sincerely hope he will get some compensation.

I googled Lay Guru’s name and found this on him. (click to enlarge)


So it looks like he has been up to his tricks since 2011!

I told Joe about this and he sent it to Martin but he denies it was him. He said he has never been on the betfair forum. The chances of two different people called Martin Daniels setting up a trading service is pretty much next to none. Just more lies!

Anyway, if anybody reading this has been involved in the Lay Guru Scam and lost money. Please contact me in private. It would be interesting to know if the people on that spreadsheet actually exist or not.

Social media can be a magnet for conmen. Please be careful when having dealings with anybody you don’t know on there, and don’t always believe everything they say.

*UPDATE after posting on Twitter

I posted this on twitter and have had a good response. Four people have contacted me who have been scammed by Martin Daniels.


In 2011 he was operating under the name MJD Betting which stands for Martin Joseph Daniels and he scammed 6k off someone who has contacted me. It sounds like he was using the same excuses back then as he is now. This person has not seen his money to this day and is not likely to.

What he did do though was save everything in a folder from Martin. He has all the messages, bank details, phone numbers etc. 

Also, someone contacted me off the spreadsheet and he was gutted to hear that Martin had lost all the money. He had no idea as Martin kept lying to him why he hasn’t been paid.

Someone also had a lucky escape as Martin kept asking them to invest and when they refused he got aggressive so this person blocked him from everything.

I also have had a message off Martin Daniels telling me to take this post down off social media as he has family on there. 

The post won’t be coming down and I would appreciate it if everybody reading this will share on social media.

We have enough people and info to help Joe out and report him to the police. Everyone who has been scammed is willing to help out which is great news.

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