My Trading Set-up. The monitor and laptop I use

Trading set up monitor and laptop

I haven’t wrote a post for a while, all has been quiet on the trading front. I’ve managed to trade a few days but had alot going on so nothing to report really. Things are getting back to normal now so i’m hoping to get back into it this week.

The trading rooms I’m in, I have seen lately a few people asking about set ups for trading on betfair so I thought I would show you mine in this post.

You don’t need a fancy set up to be a successful trader, if you want to invest in more expensive gear from your trading profits then that’s ok but to start out you don’t need much. Just a laptop or pc and preferably a second monitor. It’s not necessary but makes life easier if you have a separate screen.

My laptop

I have recently purchased a more expensive laptop because my old one couldn’t handle the trading software and recording software at the same time. It was just too slow.

This is the one I have now:

It’s a LENOVO IdeaPad S540.

trading set up laptop


Screen size: 15.6 inches

Processor Brand: Intel

Processor Type: Core i5-4210U

Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz

RAM Size: 256 GB

Maximum Memory Supported: 8GB

Operating System: Windows 10

Before I purchased this one, I asked traders in the room what is the best choice that won’t break the bank as I have no idea about technology. They all said try and get at least a Core i5 with at least 8GB Memory.

I can now record my trades and it’s perfect for what I need.

Lenovo IdeaPad S540 15.6 Inch FHD Slim Laptop, (Intel Core i5 10th Generation Processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home), Mineral Grey

My monitor

I use one monitor now, I used to use two but I found it was just taking up too much space on my desk and I didn’t really need it to be honest. I have my laptop screen and monitor and that is enough for what I need.

What I have now is a 27 inch HP monitor.

trading set up monitor
trading set up


Size: 27 inches

Tilt and swivel angle: Tilt: -5 to +25°

Onscreen controls: Brightness; Color control; Contrast; Exit; Image control; Information; Input control; Language; Management; Menu; Menu control; OK; Power control; QV; Volume -; Volume +

Display Features: Anti-glare; Language selection; LED backlights; On-screen controls; Plug and Play; User programmable; AMD FreeSync™

HP 27f Ultraslim Full HD (1920 x 1080) 27 Inch (2 HDMI, 1 VGA) – Silver/Black

So this is my set up for trading now. A Lenovo laptop and one 27 inch monitor. I also have a mini ipad on my desk which I usually have the Racing Post or At the races on. I don’t always use it though.

If you are just starting out on your trading journey, you don’t need a fancy set up. If you want to record your trades then I would suggest getting a higher spec laptop or pc but you can pick second hand monitors up cheapish from ebay to start with.

Here are two pictures of my set up before and what I use now.


my old trading set up


My trading set up on betfair

My mouse is a gaming mouse, I don’t use any of the buttons on the side. I bought it because I liked how it lit up different colours ?

I have my ethernet cable plugged in when I trade as connection is better than wifi and safer. I would always say to someone starting out – never trade with wifi. Always have your ethernet cable plugged in.

Don’t overthink things when it comes to buying a monitor and laptop or PC. To become a successful trader does not rely on the technology you have. Obviously, the better you have makes life easier but it won’t determine whether you are successful or not.

Once you start turning a profit then you could reinvest your profits into better technology like I have. It doesn’t improve your trading though.

I use my monitor for the ladders and my laptop screen for betfair video and graphs. Also, I have the trading room open and minimized for when I need it.

You can see the prices and the spec of the laptop and monitor by clicking on the amazon links below.

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Trading set up monitor and laptop

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