Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book Review. Second time around.

Rich dad poor dad book review

I have just finished reading this book for the second time so I thought I would give a review of it.

I first read it about 8 years ago and recently picked it up again. There was definitely parts I had forgotten about first time round. What did I learn from reading it again eight years on?


Author: Robert Kiyosaki

Published: 2000

Pages: 207

Subject: Self-help & Finances

The author Robert Kiyosaki wrote this book about his childhood. Growing up with his poor dad and his best mates rich dad. (I think it’s actually a fiction story)

He tells the story of the difference between the two. One working a regular job, the other owning a spectrum of businesses.

The book is divided up into six lessons for the reader.

Lesson 1 – The rich don’t work for money

Lesson 2 – Why teach financial literacy

Lesson 3 – Mind your own business

Lesson 4 – Taxes and the benefits of corporate bodies

Lesson 5 – The rich invent money

Lesson 6 – Work to learn and don’t just work for money

Robert made his money in his early days from high paying sales jobs, so realistically if you are on a minimum wage job right now then this book might come as a disappointment.

Also, if you are reading it in the U.K then you will find some examples are not relatable to today’s economical environment.

This book pretty much revolves around using real estate money.

So, after reading this the second time I have realised that most of the book could be condensed into one or maybe two chapters.

The key message throughout the book is “invest in investments instead of relying on your salary”

If he had added a chapter with tips on how to start building your assests, that would of been great. But no, you have to purchase another one of his books to learn that.

Not that impressed

For some reason this time around I wasn’t so impressed with the book. This is probably because eight years have passed and I have learnt alot and read alot of other books since then.

Stuff that is repeated throughout this book can be found for free on YouTube etc.

e.g  The concept of trading time for money just isn’t the smartest way to go through life. Your money should work for you—not the other way around.

Rich people make money work for them whilst everyone else works for money.

A quote from the book:

Most people never study the subject of money. They go to work, get their paycheck, balance their checkbooks, and that’s it. On top of that, they wonder why they have money problems. Few realise that it’s their lack of financial education that is the problem.”

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review – Final thoughts

If you are young and just starting out or have just left uni then this book will be a good read for you. It should give you inspiration.

For me now I am older and I have read an awful amount of self-help books and read further into Robert Kiyosaki’s life I didn’t find this book inspiring at all. And I think the way he makes his money is by writing and selling books and courses. 

Robert has found a great way to become rich – scam people out of their money by promising to make them rich while they spend thousands on his motivational speaking courses on how you can become a millionaire too. 

It’s not a book I would recommend personally, although there are some golden nuggets in the book that’s why I’m guessing it sells so well.

If I had wrote the review eight years ago I’m sure it would of all been positive back then. Just shows some books are worth picking up again.



You can purchase this book by clicking on the image below – please note this is an affiliate link so I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase but will be no extra cost to you. 


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Rich dad poor dad book review

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