Sports Trading on Betfair Book Review

by Wayne Bailey

Sports Trading on Betfair Book Review

This was one of the first books on betfair trading I read, even before I went on my trading course. So here is my sports trading on betfair book review.


Author: Wayne Bailey

Published: 2015

Pages: 208

Subject: Trading Betfair

Tips and strategies

This book is filled with tips and strategies, and is an ideal read for someone starting out on their trading journey. It is not a read and get rich quick book.

If you’re new to the trading game, this book will give you a great understanding of how the markets work. The book also goes into great detail on many different strategies which can be used with betfair software, with plenty of good examples from the author.

The author’s journey

Wayne takes you through his own experience of starting trading and uses his own examples to show you the highs and lows of beginning to trade. I liked the fact he doesn’t make out this is a road to instant wealth and I felt better about my own losses and losing my bank several times after reading he did the same thing.

It should be noted that this book doesn’t replace the need for practice. It only supplements the training, so you should still expect to spend many hours practising before becoming consistent.

As I said this is more a practical book to learn about the markets and strategies. To learn about the psychology part of trading, which is also very important then you need to read Trading in The Zone.

The Introduction

The first couple of pages of this book the author goes into telling a story of when he lost 5k in one sitting. After reading the story I felt so much better knowing that I’m not the only one that makes stupid mistakes. Is that bad of me???

You get drawn into the book knowing he is a real person and has experienced the same as you and me on learning to crack the betfair markets.

His day started out with a £30 loss, he could of quit for the day. He didn’t and started chasing and ended 5 grand in a hole. The way he writes the whole experience is brilliant. It was like I was reading a book about myself.

Sports trading on betfair book review – Final thoughts

For anyone that has an interest in making money on Betfair, whether you’re a beginner or have used exchanges previously, this book will give you insights into how to adapt your techniques to give you a decent chance of being profitable.

It’s easy to read (not always the case when reading about financial concepts) and it also gives an insight into what it can be like to trade professionally if you were ever thinking of doing so. 

A thoroughly useful and practical book, and written in an easy to understand way.

You can purchase this book by clicking on the image below – please note this is an affiliate link so I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase but will be no extra cost to you. 

Sports trading on betfair book review

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