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STEVE HOWE It’s a mugs game

I was actually one of the few people who discovered sports trading by not going down the path of matched betting. I discovered trading when I was writing for a betting review site and I was asked to trial at trading system.

Once I had looked into it this a little more I decided I needed to further my education on how these markets actually worked. It’s something that really interested me. Making money from trading horse racing.

At this point I hadn’t heard of anybody in the trading world. So I went searching on the internet.

After a while you get to see the same few names popping up over and over again. So it was just a matter of deciding who!

So, I went onto Youtube and started watching the many trading video’s on there. Some were interesting and some were not so interesting. With my lack of knowledge on trading at this stage it was more of how the person came across to me than what they were actually doing.

Why I chose Steve Howe from It’s a mugs game

You know when sometimes, you may meet someone in the street or wherever and feel an instant connection, as you just click, and you can’t explain it. Well, when I watched Steve’s video’s that’s how I felt. I’m not sure if it was his Midlands accent or his witty personality but I knew this is who I wanted to teach me to trade.

By the way, if you get offended easy or don’t like bad language then Steve is not the person for you. Actually trading is probably not for you!

The reason I liked Steve’s video’s was not because the way he traded as I didn’t have a scooby doo about trading at this point. It was the way he came across. He is very witty, he swears, which is actually what makes him funny. I have worked with horses most my life so swearing was part of my vocabulary. ?

He doesn’t come across as big-headed with a big ego. He just seemed very down to earth to me.

I did a little more research on Steve and ended up at his website

You will find that some of the main traders who run courses or sell ebooks are very high on self-promotion. Steve is not, you won’t find much on the internet about him. His video’s I found on Youtube were about 5 years old.

I have learnt he likes it that way, and he doesn’t need to self promote as his courses always sell out, mainly by word of mouth. Which says it all really!

Booking the workshop

This was an easy process, I just went onto his booking page on his website and I could see what dates were available and also view the different packages that I could chose from. The packages have changed slightly since I was on the course in January 2018.

Once you have decided from the dropdown box what date and package you want then just click the buy it now. And that’s it. Your all booked on.

Here is a link to see what dates are available in 2020

There is a lot of information on the booking page so it’s worth going on just to see what the workshop entails.

Just so you all know, I am not affiliated to Steve Howe in anyway, the links I put up are just for information purposes only.

So, once you have booked and paid, you then receive an email from Steve asking for details about yourself. Like, your interests and why you want to learn to trade etc. I can’t remember exactly what was in the email and it might have changed now. It has been a year and half since I sat the course.

Workshop Location – The Village Inn, Coventry

Steve Howe Its a mugs game workshop review

Steve will send you a link in his email to The Village Inn and if like me you book it far enough in advance it’s cheaper. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid, I think it was about £40 for the night. I actually stayed the Monday night also as I didn’t want to drive home after the course had finished.

Of course if you don’t have to travel that far you won’t need to stay the night but for me it was a two and half hour drive. And I didn’t fancy doing that on a Monday morning to arrive by 9am.

The advantages of staying the night

Steve encourages the new people to arrive on Sunday night as they all meet in the bar for drinks. It’s a good way to meet Steve and the others who are attending before the actual day. And what’s great about Sunday evening is, some people who have previously attended the course also turn up for drinks.

I have been down since to the meet-up on a Sunday evening to meet up with some of the guys, and I plan on going again in the near future.

Having a room full of like-minded people all there for the same reason, all wanting to become successful traders, talking racing…..I was in my element. A perfect evening.

It was a great night, but you don’t want to get carried away and drink too much and have a late night because the course starts at 9am on the dot the next morning.

My biggest problem on the Sunday evening was actually trying to find Steve.

? I was looking for someone who looked like this ?

? Instead I should of been looking out for this ?

In the end I just looked out for a bunch of lads sitting together, listened in on the conversation and figured I was at the right table ?

Inside the workshop

By 9am everyone is in their seats. The room is all set up and ready to go.

This is the actual set-up of the workshop room at the Village Inn.

When you first get to your seat there is a funny video playing which breaks the ice with everyone. Not sure if it’s still the same now.

You share a screen with whoever you are sitting next to.

Steve will introduce himself, then one by one we stand up and introduce ourselves to everyone else in the room.

The first part of the course is mainly the basics like money management, what trading software Steve uses and recording software, stuff like that. Working his way up to his trading technique later on.

If you don’t know, Steve is a swing trader and that’s what he teaches on this course. So basically he is looking for long term movements and not just one tick here or there.


We had a break for lunch about 1 o’clock and all the food is put on for us. Honestly, it was amazing. A variety for everyone. Hot and cold also as much as you can drink. Hot drinks and cold cans of coke or whatever you want.

It’s a time to just relax and talk to other people about what we had learnt in the morning. And get to know one another a little better.

Steve has lunch with us all, so any questions you had from the morning session he was happy to answer at lunch.

The Afternoon Session

Once lunch was over we headed back in and this is where the more practical stuff started.

Steve does not trade live at his courses. What he does do is show video’s he has recorded of himself trading and explains what he is doing and what signals he looks out for. We went through loads of different scenario’s, it really was an eye opener.

Questions are welcomed throughout the session, in fact he almost insists people interact with him. I was a little shy so didn’t really say much but I still took it all in and it was good listening to other people’s questions.

Later in the afternoon Steve get’s everyone involved by asking us what we would do in different scenario’s. He played different horse races then pauses the video at certain stages to see if we could implement what he had taught us throughout the day.

Before you know it, it was 5 o’clock and the day had come to an end. It goes so fast and there is so much to take in.

As part of the course, Steve gives you access to a folder which you access on your pc at home. These have all the races on from the workshop with full commentary from Steve on what’s going on and what he is doing.

I believe he used to hand out a USB stick but now they are all downloadable files.

The Aftercare

In my honest opinion this is the most important part of the course.

In attending the workshop you are setting the foundations to becoming a successful trader but, don’t think you can walk out of the Village Inn and have cracked this trading game. It doesn’t happen like that.

It takes commitment and time.

Steve offers you a chance to join his private Skype group after the course has finished. You can only join if you have previously attended one of his workshops.

Currently there are about 150 members in the Skype group and some of them are now full time traders. This is the place to be to carry on learning from people who were once in the same position as you and me.

Steve is active in the rooms, when I say rooms, there is more than one room. We have a pre-race trading room, football room, download room, this is where Steve posts new video’s he has recorded with audio. Green room which is for any chit-chat really and my favourite room Morning Racing.

Morning Racing

This room is basically for us to identify horses what we think will be backed in throughout the day. This is the room I am most active in. There is a few of us in here who are quite knowledgeable on horse racing which does help. But, it doesn’t matter if your not as this is why we post the horses we identify. We help each other out.

About 6 months ago Steve introduced an app to Morning Racing. It’s a brilliant tool. I won’t go into to much detail but what it does is identify certain horses by giving them scores out of 6. To score 6 they have to have passed all the criteria’s that are set. It’s something I use every morning now and love it.

If you lead a busy life and struggle to get trading time in the afternoons then quite possibly this would be ideal for you to start with. A decent wage can be made from this alone.

My Conclusion on Steve Howe, It’s a mugs game workshop

I haven’t got anything negative to say about my experience and I am still a member to this day. I can’t see myself leaving the skype rooms as they are part of my trading life now.

Steve is a great guy and don’t just take my word for it. You won’t find anything bad on the internet about him and anybody who has met him will say the same.

Once you leave the course you will need time and commitment to make this work if you want to become a successful trader. But that goes for most things in life. The greater the effort, the sweeter the reward.

Steve is 100% committed to his community. Anybody who needs extra help or needs to talk to him can just arrange a 1-2-1 with him.

I can’t compare this course to any other course out there as I have only ever been on this one.

I hope this review helps anyone who is sitting on the fence about which trading course to attend.


Steve has since changed the layout of his workshops since I wrote this review. He now also offers online workshops. I have updated the links so you can see both.

Useful Links (not affiliate links)

Steve’s Blog

2020 Racing Workshop – Booking Page


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