Geeks Toy Review – My go to software for trading

geeks toy

Geeks Toy Review

Do you want to take sports trading seriously?

If your answer is yes then you will 100% need software to help you with your trading. This will make your life so much easier.

So here is my geeks toy review.

What is trading software?

Just a quick explanation as to why you need software to trade seriously. Any trading software, and there are a few out there, help you place a bet more efficiently with just one click. When you are trading seriously with large amounts of money, timing is everything and every second counts.

The data is so much easier to read off trading software, rather than betfair’s interface. There are so many advantages to using trading software, you would be silly to trade without it.

So why choose Geeks Toy?

I couldn’t tell you if the Geeks Toy is the best software out there as I have only ever used this one. I’m sure people have their own preferences but when I started out on my trading journey I was recommended Geeks Toy and I have stuck with it.

It takes a while to arrange the software how you like it and it would just confuse me now to swap to another trading software.

I am very happy with my choice though.

So when you download Geeks Toy onto your pc this is what it will look like. As this Geeks Toy Review is in 2019, and I downloaded the software in 2017 they have since added Matchbook.

I only use betfair but I have put the betdaq one on just in case. You never know I might get good enough at trading one day and have to start paying the premium charge. 🙂

When you login you are given the option of live mode or practise mode. This is a great tool to get you used of the software with virtual money and not losing any of your own. Also, it’s good for practising your trading with as well.

Login panel

Some of the features

Once logged in the first feature you will see is the market navigation tool. Which looks like this:

market navigation on geeks toy

Here you can choose from any sport you want to trade. There are so many different settings I can’t mention them all here but you can go onto the Geeks Toy forum and there is so much help from users and The Geek himself. 

To help the new traders or people not familiar with trading software The Geek has put together a training course containing 12 different sections. Video’s and articles, everything you need to know about this software.


This is my favourite feature on The Geeks Toy. No other software has it and that is the Market Overview Graph.

Market Overview Chart

This chart is great when you have big fields or a few runners you don’t have on the ladders and here you can see if they steam in or drift out. 

Again, the settings on this chart can be changed. The theme can be dark or light it’s up to you. 

You have three options for charting so it’s up to the individual which ones they prefer or maybe all three. 

I use the betfair graphs at the bottom of the ladders, the overview chart and I also have a bar chart near the top for the amounts of money going into the market. You will see on the picture below how I have my ladders set out.

Geeks Toy Ladders

I have seen many variations of these ladders in the skype group I’m in with Steve Howe. It really is what’s good on your eye. Colour, layouts and graphs etc can all be changed to suit. 

A round up of some of the features

  • Multi Bet Tool – Good for dutching etc
  • Multi-Market Trading – You can trade on more than one market at the same time.
  • Advanced charts – Great for visualising data.
  • Practise Mode – Practise without losing money.
  • Support + Forum – Help is always there 24/7

The Negatives

These are only negatives if you are looking at doing automated trading. As of yet you can’t use excel with Geeks Toy. So if you was looking at doing automation then this wouldn’t be the software for you.

If you have a Mac computer then this software is probably not for you either. You can use on the Mac but you have to buy an additional piece of software to turn your Mac into Windows and it won’t run as smoothly. I would suggest looking at other trading software if you have a Mac.


I love using Geek Toy but I can’t compare it to any others as I haven’t tried any other software. That saying, Geeks Toy is cheaper than any other software out there. You can pay quarterly for £20 or buy a lifetime license for £120.

To use with Betdaq or Matchbook it is completely free.

You can sign up for 14 days free trial and no card details are required. So it’s worth downloading and having a look around all the features it offers. You are under no obligation to purchase after your trial has finished. You will have to link up with your betfair account but you won’t need money in there to play around with the software. Just use practise mode.

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