The start of my trading journey begins today!

Well, after some thought I have decided to create this website and start my trading journey with you all……hopefully I will get some readers ha ha


Why today?

I have chosen today to start as it’s the one year anniversary of my trading course I attended also, today is my names day in Hungary.

A names day is basically another excuse the Hungarians have for a party! 🙂

What do I hope to achieve?

I’m not setting myself any financial targets to aim for, something I have learnt on my trading journey so far, it’s a bad idea to set monetary goals.

Documenting my progress or lack of it as the case might be at the moment is my main aim. Something I can look back on to see what has gone right or wrong. 

I am going to be totally honest with myself as there is no point in doing this otherwise, and I hope anybody that decides to follow can gain something from my experience.

My trading journey so far….

So it’s been a full year since I did my trading course, it was for pre-race swing trading mainly.

During the year I also joined an in-play service. Being an ex-jockey I have the ability to race read well so I put that to use trading in running. You do need balls of steel at first though so I am learning to grow a pair 🙂

Recently I purchased a scalping course as well, so basically I have most of it covered. I only trade horse racing at the moment although, I am a member of a football trading service.

I am lucky that I have most afternoon’s free to trade, so I get plenty of screen time, which is important. You can read as much as you like and watch You Tube video’s but, you need to put into practise what you have learnt.

Where I am at now…..

Sort of break even I would say with my profit/loss. I don’t keep any sort of diary or trading journal which I know I should do.

My betfair account was in a negative figure even before I started trading, so I’m not sure exactly where I stand with my profit/loss figures.

One thing I have gained is knowledge, and what money I have lost in trading I count it as my education fees.

Let’s look at today’s results then…..

Today is Saturday which as you probably know is the busiest day of the week for horse racing. I had to pick my battles wisely.

I totally discarded the Irish meeting and the all-weather and just focused on the jumps. Races do overlap on Saturday’s which can cause problems so I just missed some out.

I do look through the race cards every evening and mark horses I think will run well and use the information for in-play. Also, the service I am a member of gives me a run down of some of the races with horses marked as front runners etc ones that should trade well in play.

Betfair p/l statement my trading journey
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Summary for 26th Jan 2019

Total races traded – 26

25 races in profit

1 race a loss of £1.95

Today was a decent day for me, I stayed disciplined. If I had taken a bigger loss in that one race then the day could of been a lot worse. I have a problem with chasing, I know I have the problem and I still do it.

My aim is to not have big losses but, if it happens I need to learn to walk away and calm down before returning to trade.

Anyway, it’s been a long day so I will leave it at that.

Feel free to ask me anything, I will be open and honest.

I will try and update the blog as often as I can.

Stay Green! ?

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