To sum up my week with an emoji…..?

Why is sports trading so hard?

As the title say’s my week has been poo. Well actually I am being harsh on myself because it was only one day that was bad, but unfortunately that ruined the whole week.

I decided this month to keep a spreadsheet of my daily profits. Maybe this is not a good idea as I have been told not to focus on the daily profits as it’s all about the long term. But me being me I couldn’t help myself.

The start of the week

So going on from my previous post about my trading which ended on the 8th September. This will start from the 9th.

The week started so well:

Monday  £13.95

Tuesday £13.74

Wednesday £6.44

Thursday £13.41

Friday £10.31

Saturday was where it all started to go wrong. I took a loss of £27 earlier in the day and I was actually ok with that. Looking back at my account I didn’t trade for an hour after.

So that is a step in the right direction. I walked away just to cool down. At the end of the day £27 is not that bad. But, still when my biggest profit for one day in the week was £13 then it’s quite big in comparison.

For some reason though I couldn’t forget about the loss. It was eating away at me and I chased. The dreaded word!!

It was only going to end one way and I lost £123 which was my whole bank.

Gutted is an understatement. And I totally deserve this medal. ?


Why is sports trading so hard?


Some people might be reading this thinking is it worth my whole afternoon trading for £13 profit. Well, for me it’s all about screen time and if I can make a profit on the way while I am learning then all the better. Said me who has just blown my whole account ?


Why is sports trading so hard?

Taking this trading journey will be the death of me but I am not going to give up. It’s just a setback that’s all. I am taking a few days away from the ladders now and will watch some of Steve Howe’s educational video’s in the meantime.

What annoys me the most is I know I shouldn’t be doing these things. It’s like I have the devil sitting on my shoulder egging me on. And I can’t resist the temptation of having a go at getting my losses back.

I know if I don’t sort this problem out I will never succeed at trading. That’s a fact.

Anyway, I am off to the Newmarket Open Weekend next week and I can’t wait.

Seeing the likes of Enable, Stradivarius and Logician on the gallops will be amazing. Plus 21 stables are opening their doors as well. I will be in my element. Like a kid on Christmas day.

I will get plenty of photo’s and video’s and will write about my experience on here.

UPDATE: You can read about the Newmarket Open Weekend here

I hope your week was better than mine!

Why is sports trading so hard?

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  1. Love your honesty Paula…. … And it is about being honest with yourself… Only then will you be able to change things….so you are going in the right direction…… Keep posting, your blogs make for interesting reading even for someone doing something completely different…..

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