Trading On Betfair – My week in numbers

Trading On Betfair

I’m glad to be back at the trading desk now. School holidays are over, my guests have gone back home and my routine is finally back to normal.

I have been trying to make the most of the day by getting up early and being productive in the mornings.

I mentioned in Steve Howe’s Its a mugs game review that I am a big fan of Morning Racing. This is where I identify horses that I think are going to be backed in throughout the day, and I try and get on early.

So, after my morning dog walk I get looking through the racing cards. I also have a Morning Racing app which is from Steve Howe’s group. This is an amazing tool to have. I will get round to doing a review on this tool at some point.



Once I have identified the horses I think will be backed in, and I have checked the ladders on my software to make sure liquidity is good and there is no opposition for my selection, I place my back bet and then I just have to monitor it throughout the day. If anything changes, like non-runners etc I get out of my position. It’s that easy.

So onto my weeks results…….



My week in numbers 1st – 8th September

I’ll just go ahead and put the screenshots up here from my betfair P & L screen for the week.

All my losses I have underscored in red so you can see them easier.

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Trading on betfair
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So that’s what my week looked like trading on betfair.

There was no trading on Saturday at all as I was out the whole day. On the 4th I only placed two trades.

I can’t be bothered to count how many winning trades I had but I had 6 losses for the week. The biggest being on the first day back which was £13.20. So quite hefty.

Apart from that one and a £6.36 loss the others were small and nice and controlled. I’m only using a £100 bank so my stakes are small and so my losses should be as well.


So this week has been a confidence booster for me. Something I tend to lack in.

I think there is a fine line between being confident and being over-confident though. So I’m keeping things in check. All it would take is a big loss and I would be back to square one again.

I’m taking each day as it comes.

You can follow my trading journey here


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