Trading on the road – Full-time van life

Trading full time in a motorhome

So just looking back at my last post, it’s been 3 months since I wrote anything on here so I thought I would do a blog post to explain my absence.

I have moved into a motorhome full-time with my 2 dogs and I now trade on the road.

That’s why there is lack of blog posts on here as I have been packing up and selling up most of my belongings for the last few months.

People have said to me it’s not possible to trade on the road, well I have been on the road 3 weeks now and it 100% is possible.

My Internet Connection

After I bought the motorhome I paid £500 to have internet installed. It’s mobile with EE, when I lived in my bungalow I was with Sky and I can honestly say the connection in the van is better than sky.

I have an ethernet cable attached to make it better and safer for trading.

Here is a picture of my internet installation:

internet on the road
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The blue middle box is the internet, the other two are for satellite tv and solar panels.

Trading on the road

When I first set up my trading desk I traded for three days in practise mode just to make sure the internet was good enough for betfair pictures and bet angel.

Bet angel has been fine although the live pictures can sometimes play up a little bit, but after talking to the trading group they also have problems sometimes with the live feed and they live in a house.

I have been trading both pre-race and in-play and I am yet to have a problem. I am also currently in the countryside with only one bar signal on my phone so not sure if that affects the internet or not.

Im off to the Midlands at the weekend so the signal should be better on my phone, so I can see if the internet gets stronger.

My trading set-up

So here is a picture of how I have my desk set up in the motorhome.

Trading full time
trading on the road

So as you can see it’s not much different from when I was in my bungalow. The only difference is I pack it away at the end of the day as it does take up most of the living area.

I am thinking about changing it to the cab area as I have a round table on the end of the seating area. Then I wouldn’t have to pack away each day, only when travelling.

I’m still new at this, as I said it’s only been 3 weeks since I moved in so I’m sure I’ll find a way that will suit me down the line. For now it does what I want it to.

Anyway, this is a quick update on where I’m at. Overall I am loving life on the road and the fact I can trade and make some money is great.

If you want to see my motorhome and my journey, I have created a YouTube channel where I am documenting it all.

Roaming With Teddi

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  1. just discovered your site. my your an adventurous lass trying this …but good luck and happy trails ,hope to read more down track. from the the man down under lol

  2. Hi brilliant website , seriously thinking of joining the trading website although I do pretty good laying in play horses I consider not suited for the trip, hope it all works out for you, as you say one life make the most

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