Trading the Cheltenham Festival 2020

Trading the Cheltenham Festival 2020

It’s all over! What a week of racing we have had and I can’t believe it went so quick.

I didn’t get alot of trading done this Cheltenham week as I like to watch the build up to it all and didn’t want to be sitting behind my computer screen all afternoon.

Morning Racing for Cheltenham

I did join in with Steve Howe’s Morning Racing this week. We didn’t expect much with the amount of money in the markets, they tend not to move too much. We were surprised though at a few decent moves. You can get on with much bigger stakes with MR at Cheltenham as it’s easy to get out with so much liquidity in the markets.

Morning Markets

This is the Champion Hurdle at midday. As you can see the fav has come in and you could of got a lay bet in on Pentland Hills. At 8am he was trading around 8.0.

Champion Hurdle
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This is the Champion Hurdle 30 seconds after post time.

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1:30 Cheltenham

Here is another good example of SHISHKIN in the first race of the opening day.

This was taken about 11:45, the race went off at 1:30. Here he is trading at 7.0 and you can see all the lay money waiting. He was about 5.0 early morning and finally ended up going off at BSP of 10.48.

He was my tip in a competition I was in and ended up winning which gave me a nice start to the festival. (I went on to lose the comp after Goshen fell at the last)


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This was taken 1 min 30 secs after post time.

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So, as you can see they are quite significant moves for Cheltenham. We wasn’t expecting too much but was surprised.

In-running trading Cheltenham

I traded a couple of races in-play at Cheltenham but to be honest the best opportunities came from the smaller meeting that were on as well.

This is my first year giving Cheltenham a go in-play. The style I trade now with Back For Profit is sit and wait style trading. We don’t trade every race only when we see a clear cut opportunity.

You need discipline and patience but if you can conquer those two things then this is a great way of trading. It has taken me a while to realise Less is More with this way but it’s paying off now.

Best trade at the festival

My biggest and easiest trade at Cheltenham was Paisley Park in the Stayer’s Hurdle.

I put a note up in the Telegram room beforehand as I know this horse can hit a flat spot, so just to let people know who don’t follow horse racing to be careful laying him. 

We waited and he hit a flat spot but it was going down the hill which is where you don’t expect him to be off the bridle. I waited a little bit longer before I placed my lay bet. I was waiting to see if he responded to pressure but he didn’t. That’s where I entered multiple times.

Because he was odds on fav before the off, people still had faith he would win and his odds stayed low for quite a while. I think most of us in the telegram room layed him.

Trading the Cheltenham Festival 2020

Another one we got in-play was Defi Du Seuil. Another odds on shot, he was never travelling from the off, his jumping was nothing like it had been in the past. But, punters held faith in him and his odds traded low for some time. I entered around 1.8.

These are the ones when I’m more confident that I need to hammer. They really are wage races. Still I’m happy with what I got out of it.

We had a few smaller ones as well along the way but they are the two that stood out.

I really enjoyed trading the festival this year, only had a few on my list beforehand and stuck to them.

If you would like to know more about the way I trade you can visit Back For Profit’s website or read my review here.

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Trading the Cheltenham Festival 2020

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