What to do when there is no sport on and we are in lockdown

Well these are definitely times we have not experienced before that’s for sure. So how is everybody coping with no sport on?

For the traders that are full-time it’s their only income, but when you look at the bigger picture it’s not that much of a big deal when there are thousands of people around the world dying from this virus.

Alot of people are in the same boat at the moment not being able to earn an income.

Each week that goes by, the liquidity gets better and better. This week it reached over £300k pre-off and has plenty of liquidity to trade in-play as well. The only problem is sometimes the betfair video is lagging. Not always but occasionally.

Here are a couple I managed to get on at Tampa:

Back For Profit Trading Group

Back For Profit Trading the American Racing

I reduced my stakes, just being cautious, I found Tampa Downs to be a good track to trade. You tend to find the horses hold their form. If they are heavily backed before the off 9 times out of 10 they go onto win.

It is one of those tracks that the horses are stabled there permantly and train from the track so you find the same horses tend to meet over and over again.

One way of making a little money on the side

I’m sure most of you have done matched betting at some point or at least heard of it. Well I came across this article about casino bonuses and how to take advantage of them. I havn’t done it yet but it is something I will look into more after reading this article.

You can read all about it here “Make Money From Casino Bonuses” and how this person made over 20k on them.

Why I’m taking a break from trading

I have this problem, when I have money in my Betfair account I am always searching for things to trade on. I even had a look at the greyhounds. Basically I don’t trust myself so, I have made the decision to withdraw my money from my account until racing gets started back up here in the U.K.

The break is not a bad thing either, I see it as a time to learn something new, which is exactly what I’m going to do.

I have just done a YouTube video which explains what my new venture is.

You can watch here ?


Yes, that’s right I am going to have a go at learning the piano/keyboard ?

I am not musical at all, can’t read music and I’m not going to start now either, it would be like learning another language.

Basically, I’m going to teach myself off YouTube tutorials and see how it goes.

The reason I put this video up was to hold myself accountable to actually doing it.

If you watched the video you will hear me say I have a tendency to start something, then after a week or two I get bored and move on to something else.

So this way hopefully I will stick with it and upload any new songs I learn to YouTube.

When does racing resumes?

I’m not sure when racing will get back underway here, the odds on Betfair are 50/1 for it to resume on May 1st so that’s looking unlikely at the moment.

So until it does I will be practising on the keyboard everyday for at least an hour.

I really hope I don’t get bored and give up. I would love to be able to play a musical instrument.

The only things I have ever stuck to is riding racehorses and trading. I have been trading nearly 3 years now and I still love it, hopefully I will feel the same way about the piano!! We will see.

If you are interested in following me on YouTube you can Subscribe here


So, that’s all for now, nothing else much happening.

I hope everyone is staying safe, and take care of yourselves.

Hopefully won’t be long and we can all be trading again.

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